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Prompts for you, fresh from... somewhere.

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Sep. 25th, 2008 | 09:30 pm
posted by: sheikm in wicked_kinkmeme

Right-y, guys. This is a list of nice shiny prompts, courtesy of my friends and part of the internet... not saying which parts or which people, because, of course, this is a largely anonymous meme.
If you fill one out, you can either do one of the two following things:
1. Post it in the comments of this post.
2. Ask me for posting permission in this community, and post it that way.

So, yeah. Prompts under the cut. ^^ There are both RPF and 'normal' ones... and, of course, prompts are assumed to be musical-based unless otherwise stated, as is normal for these.
And remember, guys, when filling this in... we are a kink meme, so things are allowed to be high ratings. In fact, we encourage them to be high-rated. ^^


Michelle/Eden, dominant Michelle.

West End
Kerry/Caroline/Dianne, missing Kerry leads to interesting situations... which continue when she gets home.
Caroline/Dianne, learning how to 'be' G(a)linda

Nessarose/Boq, anything with these two.
Nessarose/Glinda, comforting each other after Elphaba ran away.
Nessarose/Elphaba, consensual stuff.
The world of Wicked meets the world of Rocky Horror. The world might just be doomed, y/n?
Fiyero/Elphaba, why being a scarecrow doesn't kill a relationship.

(And to cover my arse over the RPF stuff, a disclaimer: no, we're not them. Anything written most likely never happened and we make no claim that it happened. We don't own anyone, and that's a good thing... because owning real people would just be awkward.)

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